Monday, December 17, 2007

Old Chicago

Restaurant: Old Chicago
7506 Olson Drive, Papillion - Shadow Lake Towne Center
Genres: Italian-American
Check Constraints: Unknown
Chain: Yes. | More Omaha Locations: Yes.


  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
  • Ranch seasoned fries
  • Cheese garlic bread
I went to Old Chicago for lunch on Sunday afternoon with my family. It's a little bit Bar and Grill and a little bit Pizza Joint. Their logo says "pizza and pasta", but they also have sandwiches and burgers. They had football playing on the big screen TVs. Items are a bit on the pricey side, starting at $7 or $8.

The cheese garlic bread appetizer was good. They give you eight pieces of garlic bread with a bit of cheese on top. It also came with marinara sauce. It was fairly lightweight, but it was also the cheapest appetizer at about $4.50.

You have a choice of seasonings if you get fries with your meal: balsamic, ranch, or something spicy that I don't remember the name of. One batch of balsamic and one batch of ranch was ordered at the table. We think the balsamic fries didn't actually come with seasoning, but the server got us some extra. I couldn't really taste the flavor even with the extra seasoning. The ranch was ok, but I wasn't impressed. You might like it better if you like ranch flavored chips. It's the same sort of powdered seasoning.

The chicken parm sandwich was pretty good, if a little small. It was about $8, and I expected a little more especially after seeing the size of the calzones and strombolis. The chicken was tender and well done and drenched in sauce, so it was a bit messy.

Overall it was pretty good. The cost isn't that exorbitant, but it's a little higher. Their specialty seems to be the pizza, strombolis and calzones, so it might be worth trying those first. I've had them before, and from what I can remember, they're good stuff.

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