Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chili's (Quickly)

Restaurant: Chili's
Address: 7400 Dodge St. (Crossroads Mall, just inside the south entrance.)
Genres: Tex-Mex/BBQ
Check Constraints: Unknown
Chain: Yes (National) | More Omaha Locations: 4 locations, at least.

  • Baby Back Bonus ($10.99)
    • Salad (House w/Avacado Ranch)
    • Half-rack of Ribs (Memphis Dry-Rub)
    • Fries
    • Dessert of choice (Molten Chocolate Cake, normally 5.69)
Alright, this was a quick visit when shopping, but I want to establish something WRT the ribs at this Chili's (and possibly others.) But first...

This is our first really big chain here. If you're not familiar with Chili's, it's a tex-mex/american/BBQ place. Yes, they made the annoying 'I want my baby back' song. They also are big on burgers, do sandwiches, and have platters. Same class, generally, as Applebees, TGIFridays, etc. Why am I bothering to review a chain resturant anyway? Read on...

What I ordered was actually currently a package deal (as evidenced by how I listed it above.) The salad was a normal house salad, and the avacado ranch only really had a hint of avacado. I would gladly order it again, but I don't know that it tastes much different from the ranch.

Now, the ribs. It was maybe 10 minutes from ordering to ribs. At most. 3.5 minutes between salad and ribs. If you read this blog, you know that the last I got ribs after 10 minutes, they were tough. These ribs... were not. These ribs (with that specific flavoring) were delicious, slightly sweet and not hot, and while not so tender the barest touch made it fall apart (which is actually annoying with ribs, because then you have no way to EAT them but grabbing the meat itself) grabbing a bone and pulling away lightly gave me a chunk of meat attached to a chunk of bone. I do not know what sort of voodoo they are using to mass produce decent BBQ. I don't. And this isn't a 1-off experience, either, on the taste, but the speed as well... it isn't as if they were doing huge churn. The ribs came with an even sweeter sauce which was okay for dipping the fries, which are pretty normal fries.

The dessert is another chocolate fudge on ice cream on cake dessert, but they use a Magic Shell type fudge instead. This actually makes it harder to eat as you have to crack the shell to get chocolate, ice cream, and cake all together. It's not bad, although it's almost certainly pre-prepped. But for the price, that's expensive (if standard, nowadays, for desserts at these sorts of places.)

A note about the price: If one were to order this same layout without a deal, it would be 4-5 bucks more expensive (if you could.) So this deal is actually excellent. The drinks are fine as well in general, but I was in a rush and had to drive, so didn't want to go with alcohol, so that will have to go for another time. But this somewhat of a rarity, in that it's a chain resturant, or at least a specific location of one, that delivers well (and pretty reasonably on price, at least with this deal.)

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