Thursday, January 29, 2009

Petrow's Resturant (Visit 2)

Restaurant: Petrow's
Address: 5914 Center Street
Genres: American, Homestyle, Fried
Check Constraints: Split checks work fine (in contrast to Cham/ND's last experience)
Chain: No. | More Omaha Locations: No.

Hey! This is one of our first "revisits". All other reviews of this restaurant are available here.

  • Steak Sandwich ($7.79)
    • Steak Fries
    • Two onion rings
  • Bowl of Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup ($3.49)
  • Hot Chocolate ($1.39)
Cham and ND were both unavailable this week for various reasons, and so we revisited Petrow's as, conveniently, none of us made the original review a year ago for reasons we can't quite remember. It's unfortunate that I think the sum-up is 'Not quite as good as they experienced.'

Getting it out of the way, the hot chocolate was decent warm hot chocolate, and it was a cold, cold day, so nothing wrong with that, but nothing to recommend it other than the sheer face-numbing cold. I went with a full bowl of the soup, as I'd rather have extra soup left over than not have enough of the good stuff. And this was pretty good potato soup. It actually reminded me, personally, of potatoes au-gratin as I had when I was younger, which is a fine starchy/filling flavor. Some hammy notes, but not a strong taste thereof. Fairly thick. Ultimately good, and sizable for the price (we guessed that I got two or three times as much as Maple did, for nowhere near two or three times the price.)

The steak sandwich was actually a pretty decent strip steak as the base (although not medium rare, nobody's shocked.) But it just did not have a strong enough flavor/mass to overpower any sort of additions of vegetables (which it came with, tomatoes, pickles, onions, lettuce), let alone the steak sauce the waitress offered me and I didn't put on, which made it a very meh sandwich. It actually came with damn fine steak fries, and very, very heavily breaded onion rings that just didn't appeal to me. I joked that they'd be the kind of onion rings ND would like, because they didn't taste like onion at all. Filling, but I was really hoping for some real flavor from the sandwich (if I just wanted a meat base for vegetables, I'd have just gotten a burger!)

If/when I go back, I'll have to try to hit something with a more obvious flavor component (maybe the pork Cham had such luck with), and definitely keep with the soup. And maybe hit a dessert this time. They looked like they had a great selection of dessert.

  • Chili Cheddar Burger($7.79)
    • Steak Fries
    • Two onion rings
  • Cup of Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup ($2.59)
As Mecha said, it was an extremely cold day out, so I suggested we hit some place with warm-your-bones food and that's how we arrived at Petrow's. The parking was a bit scarce. We ended up having to squeeze Moogle's car into a space a little up the hill in the back.

I made the mistake of ordering the cup of soup instead of the bowl. Hopefully I'll learn sooner than later that it's always better to go with a bowl. The Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup was a thick and cheesy "broth" with a generous, but not overpowering taste of ham. The potatoes were cubed with the skin left on and cooked perfectly. They weren't mushy at all.

The Chili Cheddar Burger was disappointing. It was a meat patty smothered with meaty chili with lettuce, pickle, and onion on the side. The bottom bun was soggy, the chili had no real flavor, and what little flavor the burger itself had was easily overpowered by the little bit of pickle and onion on top. The steak fries were passable. I left them until after the burger, so they were a bit more soggy than I would have liked. The onion rings weren't very onion-y, but the breading was nice and crunchy, so I can forgive that.

If I go back, I'll definitely be getting a full bowl of the Cheesy Potato and Ham Soup and I'll probably be avoiding any of their burgers.

  • Monterrey Chicken Sandwich ($7.79)
    • Substitute a cup of potato/ham soup in for fries
The others have described the soup pretty well, so I'll just say that I liked it a lot. The ham was not too strong but added nicely to the cheese and potato. I probably could have/should have gone with a bowl as well, but I decided to swap out my fries for the soup.

The sandwich was pretty simple. It had a flattened grilled chicken breast, two somewhat thin grilled slices of ham (not deli-thin), and swiss cheese on sourdough. I'm not sure if there was a dressing of some sort on it as well, but it came with pickle slices on the side. It made for a good sized sandwich lengthwise but wasn't terribly tall. I suggest slapping those pickles on there because they went really well with the sandwich. I was kinda surprised the others were disappointed because my sandwich was delicious. You could taste all the flavors. The swiss didn't stand out as swiss to me, but it might have been mild. It wasn't terribly filling, so it had me considering dessert. However, by the time the waitress came back, it had settled and I was ready to head out. Fries might have made it more filling.

I would come back to hopefully try some more of their soups and sandwiches. I'd probably avoid the chili burger at first, even though it sounded interesting from the menu. My wife had come along with us and ordered the chili cheddar burger as well. Her opinion of it was about the same as Maple's.

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